Music and the Youth

 From Asmaa SOUBAI's WIKI

I think the music is very important in our life.It reflects what is inside Man. It is available all the times of joy, sadness, or anger. It creates a beautiful world of melodies and tones, especially the soft music, such as classical one.My favorite of all kinds of music is soul music.It caters for serenity and tranquility to the heart. I cannot live without music. Since the creation of natural music, the sound of trickling water and chirping noises has been heard evrywhere.

Whistling Palm Trees

Music is a universal language as it is also the language to address the feeling of conscience. It links between the spirit and the sense of self. Scientists say the nature of music is vibrations of a regular and timely in the air and they have arranged a place in the sense of hearing the effects of certain of these echoes, either from nature as water or the restling of trees. In addition, they are manufactured things like machinery musical. Since ancient times, man has been seeking to find a way to recorded music through several stages. Man has invented many methods to reach utmost accuracy and precision. Music has become an art and craft that could not be practiced only. We should know its origins, rules. Without that, it would become a music issue of the pleasure of momentary strong feelings of isolation encountered with the access of feelings. A musical notation is the staff that is collect where the melodies is passing breeze or lightning in the hearts and dreams. It has been preserved from generations to generations after generation. It has been developed in order to reach out perfection, and beauty


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