Music and the Youth
Are we what we listen? Does what we listen shape us?


Learning Circle Group: High School (16-18 Year Olds)

Sponsoring Teacher: Mr. Gioko

Sponsor School: Aga Khan Academy Mombasa

City: Mombasa

Country: Kenya

Name of project WE ARE WHAT WE LISTEN

Background: Parents always comment to the type of music we listen. Sometimes even teacher comments that we cannot or should not listen to some type of music. We are curios and we want to learn form other teenager on what they think. As the grown up think music influences our behaviors and attitude let us explore and share.

Goal of project: Music is a way of expression and a building of character. Does the music that teenagers listen influence their attitude and behaviors towards others?

Type of writing: Reflective Narrative capturing personal experiences, varied knowledge of music and teenagers

Description of what your looking from other schools:

¾ What type of music do you listen to?

¾ How often do you listen to the music?

¾ Why do you like the music you listen to?

¾ What influences you to listen to the specific type of music?

¾ Does the music you listen to guide you to

§ The places you visit.

§ The people you associate with.

§ Your choice of friends

§ How you feel

Detailed instruction for collecting information

We will be looking at the

o Type of music,

o Length of listening to the music

o Influence to choice of music

o Impact on attitude or behavior

This will be done through gender and age group. We will the analyze the information to see what is our group’s thinking

Number of submission from each school:

At least 10 and for each a response to two posting form other members.

Your Feedback on our project will highly be appreciated

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