Music and the Youth
What type of music do you listen to?

Islamic, traditional and some Arabian music.

How often do you listen to the music?

One or two hours which are not continuous they have some breaks,. 



They are grade 12 so they need to study and the time they listen to music is only while they are in the car or on TV. They don’t like to use that much.

School holidays- _____ % of the school holidays time e.g. if holiday is 20 days each day 

The same not that much time

 4 hours then (4/24) X 20=3.3 hours

They listen to music while they are having free time or working on their computers. They prefer classic music when they feel stress, after a long day work and when they want to refresh their minds and have break..

Music is the sound that is arranged into pleasing or interesting patterns. It forms am important part of many cultural and social activities. I like music so mush and I prefer the classical and Arabic Music. Because it is from our cultural and I feel very relaxed to listen to it . I listen to music nearly twice a day but when I have school I don't listen to it , only once a week. I listen to music for my own satisfaction and it get me a way to think and express my feelings. For example; when I listen to cheerful music ,  I feel happy and when I feel sad I prefer to hear mournful tune from a guitar. 

 (From Zahra AL Saadi Grade 12 Atika for Basic Education School Oman, Teacher: Fatma AL Maamari )

Music is the feeling of one soul. All of us we like music and we feel happy while listening to it. In our culture there are different kinds of music like traditional one, classical, Islamic and some of the music becomes now close to the European and Africans rhyme coz of diversity in the world.

As students in school we prefer to hear to classical music and Islamic Inshad (songs) where the words are inspiring us for worship and make us thoughtful and a ware about different religious things. Also, some of the Islamic Inshad now they have the rab and hip hip style coz , teenagers and adults are looking for such things and they are interested in.

We prefer to listen to music once a day sometimes or three times a week when we don't have exams. We listen to music at home not at school at all coz it is not allowed. Also, when we are in cars with our families going on picnics or any place , we  listen to music for fun. We like to listen to music that we love when we are a lone and we are with ourselves.

Music give us chance to think and go back for some actions and events in our lives.

For me , when I listen to music I remember my childhood and some friends whom I can't see them any more coz they moved. (Zainab)

Music means to me to be a live and think about what is going around. (Ameena.)

Music is the time to forget pain and feel happy. (Munaeera.)

Music is me and Am music when in touch my heart. (Aysha)

Music is the pinao that I like to play with . (Asma)

Music makes my feeling comes to true. (Shamsa.)

So we like music and it influence us in different ways to change life and accept things. It goes back with us to friend, place, thing or even to ourselves.

 (Zainab AL Abdulsalam , Ameena AL Breiki , Muneera AL Breiki , Aysha AL Breki, Asma AL Hamadani, Shamsa AL Busaadai , Grade 12, Atika for Basic Education School, Oman, Teacher: Fatma AL Maamari)